WFB August Workshop

On the first sunday of August, the wfb workshop will be led by David Holmes, a teacher in Culalonkorn University and long time practitioner. Helping will be Dr Banjob – of the WFB WBU and Mahacula university.

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  1. littlebang says:

    David Holmes gave an interesting, in depth talk, based around the Buddha’s teaching on ‘nutriment’ – a topic that occurs frequently in the Suttas, but for which I have never heard anyone teach. Through the second part he spoke about the taming of the mind, which is one of the Buddha’s special contributions to spirituality. Other teachers and revealed religions are big on trying to describe ultimate reality, but the Buddha was always focussed on the aspects of yourself that can be developed, that facilitate Enlightenment.

    He has spent a lot of time in Sri Lanka working some of the time with Bhikkhu Bodhi and the Buddhist Publication Society ( which produced the ‘Wheel’ series of books – some of the main early publications other than the expensive Pali Text Society) and now lives in solitude in Northern Thailand. Or in as much solitude as you can get when you have a laptop with you …..

    Anyway, we’ll see how things go with the Library Talks, but maybe we will be able to invite David to be the speaker in the near future.

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