WFB-Sun Oct 7

The Workshop at the World Fellowship of Buddhists in October will be lead by Khun Suchitra Onkom. She is a long time student of the enourmously respected Luang Phor Caran (Jaran) of Wat Ampawan in Singhburi and has written a good number of books on his teachings in Thai – many of which have been translated into English as The Fruits of Karma. Being a ‘novelisation’ they make a quick and lively read – especially when compared to some of the rather ‘heavy’ Dhamma Books that are about. In fact, the Dasa Book Cafe has one of her books right now for 250 baht and is only a few minutes walk from the WFB.

Much highlight has recently been on the few Bhikkhunis in the Thai sangha, but it should be noted that there are many women who have been long term Buddhist scholars and practitioners around Thailand who are deserving of our support and interest. Khun Suchitra (Pen name Sudassa) is one such, and she has the fluent English to match her experience in the Sasana. She is currently a professor at Rajabat university, and is involved with a number of the best respected Buddhist Organisations around Bangkok. This talk will be a refreshing change from the monastic style workshops that we are accostomed to in Thailand.

 You can see some background and good maps for the WFB HERE. Workshop is from 2 pm – 5 pm, sukhumvit, Emporium area.


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  1. tan bim bong says:

    I have read alot of books about Luang Por Jarun by Suchitra.To her,thanks very much traanslating the books,esp.Laws of Kharma.Hope one day I will meet her in person.I respected her very much.By the way,I’m from Malaysia.Thanking you again.

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