Bhikkhuni Dhammananda in Bangkok

Upcoming Event Tuesday 16 October 2007 : We will be lead by Bhikkhuni Dhammananda. She has a busy schedule these days, so we are honoured that she will take the time, and fairly long trip down from Nakhon Phatom to talk to us at Bann Aree Library. She has a lot of experience both academically as she was a leading figure at Mahidol University for many years, and in meditation. Every time I have heard her though she is always boxed into this sole issue of Bhikkhuni Ordination – so we were keen to give ourselves the chance to listen to her on Dhamma. Ever patient she said “It is only natural that the question about Bhikkhuni ordination will come up, I have no problem to that.”

Not only is there the problem of Bhikkhuni ordination in Thailand, but also that of the attention the issue attracts. Ven Dhammananda is jetting all over the world these days which is not so romantic as it sounds – it takes great patience to be in the spotlight all the time and being cast into new surroundings each week. She does this with grace and patience however, and has done much to further the cause of Bhikkhuni ordination in Thailand and the rest of the World, all the while leading her own Temple as abbot in Nakhon Pathom.

¬†Venerable Bhikkhuni is very fluent in English, in Buddhist Studies, and Meditation, and I hope everyone can make it along to Baan Aree on Tuesday. We’ll make a collection to contribute to her temple, and hopefully will have a good atmosphere so that we can invite her again in the future. Here is her bio at the Thai bhikkhuni website.


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