Meditation Retreat Opportunity

[Summary: blog by Little Bangkok Sangha member Cindy, on her retreat at Dhammodaya. Cindy is a long time meditator and experienced retreat attender]

Hello Dhamma friends! 

 Last month, I attended a wonderful Vipassana retreat in Nakorn Prathom, about 90 minutes west of Bangkok, at a meditation center called Dhammodaya.  There is another retreat going on right now (September 28 – October 7) and one more coming up October 19 – 28, 2007.  I highly recommend this retreat, both for the excellent guidance from the Canadian monk, U Vamsarakkhita, and for the supportive environment that Dhammodaya provides.  I encourage everyone who has time to try to attend the last retreat, which is coming up in a few weeks.

Contact details for Dhammodaya Centre

Metta Bhavana is a samatha (concentration) practice, which both cools and concentrates the mind. By developing Metta to oneself and other beings two kinds of concentration will arise, either Access or Absorption. These two types of concentration release and temporarily free the mind from its cramped and habitual activities. This results in clarity of focus that can be applied to the Vipassana meditation practice. Vipassana meditation practice develops insights into the way things really are. The concentration (Samadhi) that arises in this practice is called Momentary concentration. When deep and sharp enough it pierces into the clear and actual nature of all mental and physical phenomenons. When all stages of these insights have arisen it is possible for the meditator to attain Nibbana (Enlightenment) by this practice. Daily interviews and Dhamma talks will assist and guide meditators as they progress along the paths of these practices.

Metta to all!  


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3 Responses to Meditation Retreat Opportunity

  1. Cittasamvaro says:

    Great, but what’s the food like 🙂

  2. inthislifetime says:

    Actually, it’s quite good! And there’s plenty of it available, twice a day—before noon, of course. 🙂

  3. samsarainladakh says:

    But why worry about the food? Whether good or bad, it becomes one of the objects of meditation. In case it is bad, it becomes an even more effective tool.
    At any rate, I found the quality, variety and quantity offered to be more than adequate.

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