The Insights of Insight Meditation

Talks at Baan Aree 2007

– the first events under the banner of Little Bangkok Sangha.

This series of six talks was fun for me to do. I always have a deep sense of unreality before doing dhamma talks – are people interested? Do I know what I am talking about? Besides Tom, Audwin and others encouraging me, I have to keep reminding myself that it is not my teaching, but the Theravada Buddhist one. These Tuesdays have been a good success in my view. I was getting rather technical in approach, mainly because I know there has been a lot of generalised Dhamma in Bangkok in recent years, and not much detail. I hope it has not turned away any beginners who have come …

Week 6 Bahn Aree

One thing that is clear – there are a good number of expats (and Thais) in Bangkok who have a real interest Dhamma. I don’t think we need a club, with fees and manifestos, and a membership hat and badge, but it is definitely a good idea to arrange events every once in a while. You can see in October we have invited some big names to mix things up a bit and broaden the approach. Personally I would like to have some more socially orientated events too, on a small scale. Tuesday 9th Oct 2007 is our chance to collaborate a little and swap ideas, find out who the other faces are, and what we’d like to do in the future. We are happy to help arrange the kind of events that people show an interest in, so far as is possible. For my own part, I’m not planning any more talks for this year, but maybe a set of short and sharp 30 minute Back to Basics tour of Buddhism in the cool season, saving the longer technical talks for the occasional weekend.


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  1. leonair says:

    “Where people meet to seek the highest is holy ground”
    -Felix Adler

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