Burma’s Tower

If the calendar is kind to us, in November we will have Canadian monk U Vamsa to give a talk or two for us. He has been a follower of the burmese Mahasi tradition for a long time, culminating in his ordination five years ago. Inevitably I asked him about Burma, where he no longer lives, and he said the tradition is dying …. The conversation veered off into other things at that point, but we’ll get chance to ask him about it again in November at some point. Below is what he wrote a few weeks ago on the situation…

“If you are at all perplexed about all you have read about events in Burma, read what I have to say and give your support  to some organization that is targeting the real problem here…ChinaI have been quite familiar with this junta for the last 15 years and frankly their response is the standard for them.

WE hear  the death toll is more like 200 +++(possibly thousands),,,,,Many monks have been arrested, beaten (many to death) and may never be heard from again…

Burma should not be the target of any pressure….China is the real culprit here

As long as the junta are well protected (at the UN) and equipped  by their big brother China they really will never care one bit what the rest of the world thinks of their suppressive actions

I believe it is China that has to be brought to task on this issue….A very timely way to ’embarrass’ China into ‘really’ pressuring Burma into reform at this point is to call their integrity to question with respect to their right to host the Olympics in 2008…..which is presumably a world event promoting peace and comradeship among the citizens of the world

Its very strange and gut wrenching  for me to see the familiar Yangon landscapes as a backdrop for my brother monks being harassed and so disrespectfully treated.



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