Burmese Situation

The Buddhist Channel has set up a special front page for the Monk’s protest information and news :


While on the topic, it is disturbing how the Thai Sangha has had no response. That I have seen there have not even been the feeble ‘statements’ that are the usual bare minimum. The Sangha Council itself has never been given to official ‘statements’ and the big monks and monasteries are unwilling to speak out on behalf of the other monks and monasteries … so it has usually fallen to the monks universities to make statements. They could have said something, could have had a large chanting session at Sanam Luang (which they do for everything else) – actions which would have fallen far short of ‘political’ or ‘protest’, if that is what they are worried about.

In November we have a Canadian monk from the Burmese Tradition doing a Talk or two for us: date and venue to be arranged.


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