Ironing out the Wrinkles

Ever wonder why somebody doesn’t just throw all of today’s best anti-agers into one cream?

I bet you have.

Bliss wondered, and so they created the Youth as We Know It moisturizer ($79.00, The company claims the product is infused with MMP Inhibitors, Wrinkle Reduction Peptides, Visual Facial Fillers, Cellular Respiration Boosters, Hyperdermal Destressors, 7-Day Hydrators, Barrier Repairing Ceramides, Wrinkle Relaxers, Multifruit Complex, and Retinyl Palmitate. In other words, according to Bliss, this stuff has it all.

bliss - Youth as we Know It

From my perspective, I am not afraid of a few wrinkles. In fact, wrinkles make you look older, wiser and more experienced, which adds to the popularity of monks. I wonder if there is a cream called “Sandface” or “GroundBrick” that I could buy to add a few years to my face. Maybe this should be my invention, a new face cream …

Wisdomthe face of experience

Curiously, there is a rule to shave ones head at least every month, but nothing about beards – there is no reason why a monk should not have a bushy beard. There is however, a rule about excessive nose hair – which should be plucked if it is visible. A talk on Vinaya, the monastic Discipline, is coming up for some time next year, as it is quite a different take on Buddhism that most meditators are not familiar with. It shows the Bhikkhu Sangha doing everything wrong, and the rules being introduced to restrain some of the outrageous behaviour.

Many people, especially in traditional Buddhist countries, feel that the people of old, and of the Buddha’s era especially, were somehow purer, more holy and more able to practise than we are today. It’s a common idea – the deterioration of mankind. The Vinaya stories of all the disreputable things the monks got up to even while under the Buddha himself give us a very different image; one of humans struggling to contain their desires just as we do in the modern era.


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  1. Nui says:

    Either “Sandface” or “GroundBrick” wouldn’t help if you’re still practising Dhamma ka. If you’re living in the present moment, you’ll look like you’re in the present moment, but if you’re busy worrying about what will happen in the future, of course your face will be that of the future. That’s my Dhamma anyway. (kao jai mai na?) _/|\_ sa-thu ka

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