Dhamma Talk Nov 15 & 22

We have invited Canadian Monk U Vamsa to give 2 talks on Thursday Nov 15th and Thursday Nov 22nd, 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm at Bodhgaya Hall. Regulars Cindy and Audwin have both done a retreat with him at the Dhammodaya Centre in Nakhon Pathom and give their recommendation.

Venerable U Vamsa is a 54 year old Canadian monk who ordained in the lineage of U Janaka, a direct disciple of the late Mahasi Sayadaw. U Janaka has a number of centres around the world, inlcuding the Dhammodaya centre above.

U Vamsa was drawn to Sayadaw as a teacher because of his clarity and knowledge of the Vinaya, Pali Canon and teaching methods. His practice and understanding of the Buddha’s teachings grew and improved dramatically under Sayadaw’s guidance.

As a teacher, U Vamsa is committed to convey the simple everyday usefulness of Buddha’s teaching while inspiring those around him to explore and experience the Path to Freedom that He so clearly and elegantly lived.

Please note the time and location – this is not being held at Baan Aree Library.

Free of Charge, no reservation needed.


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