Thanks to Baan Aree

The new Dhamma Hall at Baan Aree has been a great blessing for us, and others that use it. The location is ideal, and the Library environment creates a very nice atmosphere. If you have not looked inside, the library is next to the coffee shop, and has a small selection of books in English, including a near complete edition of the Tipitaka (scriptures). Above the Library is another meeting hall, which we did not use because there are no chairs up there, only meditation mats.

I have an interview with Khun Mai, the owner, but it is in Thai and my translation skills are not great. I will post it up once I have finished it. He has not been to our meetings, but kindly offered us the facilities and instructed the staff and our coordinators to assist in every way possible. I don’t think the hall is available for hire – it is purely for Vipassana meetings, most especially in the lineage of Ajahn Pramort, who I will also post up information about as time permits. So on behalf of all of us thank you to Khun Mai. I will call in and thank him personally this week, and I am sure we will be back at Baan Aree again after they have finished all the building and decoration.

Though officially ending the program last night on the 30th, the way things have worked out there are a number of events going on in November, so keep checking in at Little Bang for information …


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2 Responses to Thanks to Baan Aree

  1. Nui says:

    Millions thanks to Baan Aree from us the audience. It’s the place with such influencial power for some of us here.

    Also let me thank you, Dr. Holly and everyone that made this happen. I did appreciate every moment while participating. Meeting Phra Dhammananta blew my mind away. That was something very special for me.

    Definitely looking forward for the next events in Nov. ka

  2. James says:

    Baan Aree is definitely a little gem of a place and I’m very glad to have found it through everyone at Little Bangkok Sangha. Thanks so much! 🙂

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