The Rest of Burma

In the midst of all the news about the recent problems in Myanmar/Burma, and the renewed debate about tourists visiting there one issue that gets lost in the media blitz is the plight of the average Burmese citizen, many of whom live far away from the major cities. With the recent petrol price increases (which has also resulted in higher prices for many goods), many people in the country are having a much harder time making ends meet. The UN’s World Food Program has estimated that 5 million people in Myanmar are in need of immediate food aid. Those that depend upon tourism for their living are also facing bleak times: travel agents in Myanmar report over 90% cancellations for the coming peak tourist season. The website below is raising funds to try and lend support, but it is hard to forsee them makingmuch of a dent. (thanks to the Dasa Book Cafe for highlighting the story)


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