The End of Religion


The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins has become a hugely popular book in recent times, and much talked about. In this book Dawkins, echoing other ‘New Atheists’ describes religion as a parasitical virus on humanity, that is a deep form of mental abuse on people and on free thought. This popular accusation is leveled at all religion, including Buddhism.

Do we have a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card because there is no Creator God in Buddhism? Can a Buddhist be an Atheist? Is Buddhism compatible with atheism?

We will take a look at the entertaining and well presented Documantary by Dawkins on this topic, whilst enjoying a good (and inexpensive) lunch at the Suan Pai Vegetarian compound, in the second floor air-conditioned room. Dr Will Yaryan will be moderating, along with Phra Cittasamvaro and other regulars. There is a further blog by Dr Will on this topic



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  2. Cittasamvaro says:

    A great time. Lots of good view points. I hope we can do more discussion type events in the future, as a topic is always so much more thoroughly covered this way. Now we have an idea of what equipment we need, we can do more.

    There is nothing else planned for this year, while people are away, and there are so many holidays, xmas, New Year etc.
    Keep an eye on the site for future events arranged by us. In the mean time we’ll keep posting up information on other events around Bangkok.

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