Sunday 25 – Int. Meat Free Day

Not all Buddhists are vegetarians, especially in Thailand. The Monk’s discipline allows monks to eat meat so long as they have not seen or heard the animal killed. The idea being that people on alms round should not start to pick and choose what they accept, but should take all offerings equally and gratefully. Monks were however allowed to take on vegetarianism if they wish (accepting almsfood does not mean you have to eat it all), but it was not made compulsory.

Most western Buddhists, as part of their metta and compassion towards animals, are vegetarian to some degree, but quite aside from the practise of metta, the health benefits of vegetarianism should be enough alone to encourage it. Besides, it is far better use of the land than rearing animals for food, having a vastly higher return per hectare. The Buddha’s reluctance to make it a rule stemmed from the fact that it is not a necessary practise in order to attain enlightenment – but that does not mean it is not beneficial.

November 25th is the World Meatless DAY, when all are invited to join this international activity by avoiding meals containing any kind of meats, fish or any of their products.

The Malaysian Meatless Day Campaign Committee is organising the International
Meatless Day Carnival as an event in the Penang State Tourism Calendar in
conjunction with International Meatless Day. This event is supported by Tourism


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