Year of the Little Bang

[Summary: New year messages received, and a note on the humble (little) origins of little bang. Official name meaning]

Thanks to many of you for good wishes and encouragement for the new year. For a long time a number of us were thinking that we need something in Bangkok Dhamma-wise. Lots of people have contributed in big and small ways, and we have the elements of a real Sangha developing. Some aspects have been rather haphazard … like picking names and topics. Anyhow, LittleBang is born with humble beginnings – a little bang.

Regarding the name – I think the general consensus is to call the website Little Bangkok Meditation Guide (‘littlebang” for short) and the group the Little Bangkok Sangha. Funny how the name grows out of the abbreviation..

So for 2008 make lots of good resolutions, and lets hope things develop with the new events that are in the pipeline for February.

A message from Tom sums things up nicely:

Happy New Year. 2007 will go down as the year of the little bang. No telling what similar momentous events will take place in 2008.

The community of the like minded is slowly starting to emerge. I can feel its strength growing — once a month hits at the WFB were really not enough.


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