Tales of Karma

  [summary: anecdotal story of trans-lifetime karma]

Tales of Karma

Karma attracts endless interest in Buddhism, even thought the Buddha himself named it as one of the ‘Imponderables’ – meaning your head will split into pieces before you can understand it fully. Luang Phor Caran disciple and well known Thai writer in both Thai and English Sudassa Onkom has written several books of stories about Karma, especially trans-lifetime stories. We don’t have to believe or disbelieve; the aim is to make us be careful of our actions.

One such story, told by Buddhist radio host Dr Saman, is of a young girl who was born with a scar across her belly. Before she was 10 years old she was asked by an elderly monk why she had the scar.

“I have had it since birth,” she said, “it is a birth mark”

But she carried on.

“It comes about because previously I was attacked and killed by a man with a knife in the nearby village.”

The story goes that she was taken to the village and there was indeed a young girl murdered there 10 years previous. They lined up a bunch of suspects and she picked out a man. He apparently broke down and admitted to the rape and murder of the girl, by knife to the belly.

Apparently there was a 10 year stature on criminal cases, and so he was not tried for the crime, despite his confession. Now the limit has been extended to 20 years.

Who knows if the story is true or not. But it is kind of reassuring to think that it is, and that criminals will not get away with their crimes. On the other hand, if you are the criminal you might find the story less inspiring.


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