Why So Quiet?

[Summary: short blog on the current status of Little Bangkok Sangha]

Since November last year we have not been organising (English spelling!) any events of our own. Mainly this is because there were lots of events already happening : Christmas, New Year etc… and in January there were events at 1000 Stars (which sounded interesting), the WBU, WFB and of course Ajahn Brahm.

Also it is a lot of work orgainising things – adverts, notices, emails, halls to book etc. I have been away all week, and have a bunch of stuff to do this month.

But the lull is temporary, there are a number of irons in the oven. Several speakers have agreed to come and give talks when they are passing through in the first part of 2008. I (Cittasamvaro) am thinking of the next set of six talks, probably on Buddhism/Meditation as a lifestyle – which means pragmatic Buddhism. U Vamsa will be in town and if timing works out will do another talk for us. And there is still the interest in Buddhism and Psychology – which many of us psychologists are interested it. That will be more of an open format to bring together ideas and people involved with the topic in one way or another.

We have several new venues that have been offered and need to be checked out, all on the skytrain line. It takes time to go and see the locations and to meet up with the owners, but there might be some good options available to us soon. We still need somewhere for smaller groups to meet informally and watch Buddhist/spiritually themed movies – which some of us have been talking about. The last time we did this was very good; Dr Will introduced and led us through the topic of the New Atheists, as a preamble to watching the popular Richard Dawkins Documentary “The God Delusion”.

Finally there has been some interest in a Sutta study group. I am keen on this too. The idea is to take one sutta (or related set of suttas) and present it to the group for discussion. The suttas are rich with interpretations, and it is always revealing to find out how others see them. Let me know if you are interested on this, as it will need about 10+ of us to make it work. We would take turns being the presenter.

In the meantime of course, any other events around town will be posted up here as the information becomes available. Don’t go away.


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2 Responses to Why So Quiet?

  1. Cittasamvaro says:

    By the way, the Littlebang Frog, who appeared in the header image for most of last year, is still in the picture. You can see him sitting on the rock around the centre of the header picture.
    I like the frog as a logo – if a logo we need. He is quite versatile. He first appeared on a doorknob in a striking painting from Margaret that was given to Alan Oliver when this project was just getting started.

  2. curiousholly says:

    I definitely approve of the frog as a symbol of littlebang, we can aspire to amphibiousness.

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