Dhamma Talk – Tues 19 Feb

[Summary: information on dhamma talk on 19th Feb, Baan Aree Library]

Venerable U Vamsa, Canadian monk, will be giving a Dhamma Talk at Baan Aree Library in Bangkok:  6:30 – 8:30 pm  Entitled –  Wealth: a Buddhist Perspective

U Vamsa is a 53 year old Canadian monk who has been practising for many years under the Meditation Master Sayadaw U Janaka in Burma. U Janaka was a direct disciple of Mahasi Sayadaw – the originator of the Vipassana school of meditation based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. With the encroaching old age of U Janaka (now 80) U Vamsa has increasingly been taking on the teaching roles at the many many meditation centres around the world using this system, including the Dhammodaya Centre in Nakhon Pathom, just outside Bangkok. Formerly a successful financial consultant who nonetheless valued renunciation over wealth, U Vamsa has ordained several times, before giving up worldly life for good. He gave two talks for us last year which were well received, and we are glad he has carved out an evening for us while he is passing through Bangkok.

splash of colour  U Vamsa, Canadian monk, Speaker Nov 07

 With the tightening situation in Burma of present it will become more common to see the distinctive Burmese style Maroon coloured robes as many of the Westerners who have been practising there in the cities and remote areas alike are forced to find new countries to host them.


Wealth and Buddhism

There are some important issues regarding wealth for laypeople, monks and monasteries. On the one hand we are advised that wealth is a burden (not a sin) and detrimental to happiness. On the other hand the Buddha continuously advised laypeople to be careful with their funds, and to look after themselves and their families properly. Poverty is not a holy state when you have responsibilty and dependents. Over the next couple of days littlebang will post up some blogs on this topic, leading up to the talk on Tuesday.


We are happy to announce that Baan Aree Library will be sponsoring the Event in their air conditioned hall right on the Skytrain route.

Directions, maps, bus routes, and skytrain map can be found on our page HERE

Event starts with Q&A at 6:30 pm  (it is nice to get to know the speaker a little first) and will continue with the Dhamma Talk, and a guided Meditation. There might be more time available for questions on the topic at the end.

End time: 8:30 (ish)

Since Wealth is a burden – there is no admission charge.

Advance registration not necessary, just turn up at 6:30

 * * *

Canadian Monk, from the Burmese tradition  Canadian Monk U Vamsa at Bodhgaya Hall Last   November.

   Back by popular demand 🙂


Baan Aree Library

those who braved the rain

Cool and air-con, on the Skytrain line

has hosted a number of our events.



Wealth of Blogs

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