U Vamsa Talk 3 Photos

[Summary: photos from the third talk by U Vamsa for Little Bangkok Sangha]

Click on the Thumbnails for a larger shot. If you would like a full size original for any reason do ask. Although the originals have not been touched up or filtered. Not that any monk would actually photoshop his profile shots ….. ahem.

Audience - the third talk of U Vamsa We have to try and leave before 9pm  answering-questions.jpg

intent crowd  mention was made of certain American Politicians  Audience monochrome

Qs on rich people’s karma Question time  Speaker U Vamsa

chatting - sorry for the 9pm deadline more audience  what is our global responsibility

We do have a deadline at Baan Aree, which is why we all have to leave on time – the staff are waiting to go home. They do a good job for us, and so we do not want to inconvenience them. There will be lots of opportunities in the near future to meet up and discuss things further.


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