Wat Kow Tahm – 2008

[Summary: upcoming retreat dates for Wat Kow Tahm, our recommended retreat in Thailand. For general background information on the WKT centre click HERE ]

Below are the dates for retreats at Wat Kow Tahm, Koh Pha-ngarn. All retreats are in English, and covered by donations only.

  • March 12-21
  • June 12-21
  • July 8-17
  • July 17-26 (special retreat for old students)
  • August 17-26

The resident teachers Steve and Rosemary Weissman have been leading retreats at Wat Kow Tahm since 1988. Many of the Little Bangkok Sangha have attended and all have good reports. Although there are many meditation centres around Thailand it is helpful to have native English speaking teachers, who are skilled communicators, and to have a supportive environment that is quiet and reflective. The food is also a factor. Wat Kow Tahm has been running these retreats monthly for well over a decade and have the experience to provide a good environment, especially for those who are seeking to boost their practise in between work.

Please contact Wat Kow Tahm directly to confirm dates and times: www.watkowtahm.org 

Steve and Rosemary will be giving a talk for us in Bangkok on May 8th – details will be posted up closer to the time. It should be a good opportunity for old students of theirs to reconnect, and for the rest of us to share in their experience.


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2 Responses to Wat Kow Tahm – 2008

  1. Tristan says:

    I attended a 10 day retreat there in 2003. Highly recommended, especially to beginners. Everything, every day, is clearly laid out. You don’t have to “think” about anything. Steve and Rosemary are wonderful teachers. And the location is, well, paradise.

  2. Cittasamvaro says:

    Since you went there Tristan, I have recommended the place to lots of people, and they all returned with similar sentiments to your own. I’m looking forward to meeting Rosemary and Steve in May.

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