Dhamma Talk – May 8th

Dhamma Talk – May 8th 

On May 8th 2008, there will be a Dhamma Talk at Baan Aree Library (maps below), 6:30 pm with Steve and Rosemary Weissman, resident Vipassana meditation teachers at Wat Kow Tahm, Koh Pa-gnarn.

For some 20 years Steve and Rosemary have been leading meditation retreats at the Dhamma Centre, Wat Kow Tahm, in English. Other teachers have come and gone – Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Buddhadasa – but the Wat Kow Tahm retreats have been steadily guiding students in meditation over 10 day retreats almost every month for the last two decades. Thousands of yogis have passed through these retreats over the years, and all give excellent reports, including a good number of Little Bangkok Sangha regulars.

We are happy that Steve and Rosemary will stop over in Bangkok to give a talk for us on Thursday May 8, on their way back to the centre on Koh Pa-gnarn – a chance for old students to reconnect, and for anyone thinking of taking a meditation retreat in Thailand to meet the teachers.

The teaching style at Wat Kow Tahm is Mahasi Sayadaw vipassana system, with a particular emphasis on Yoniso Manasikara – or ‘wise reflection’. Said the Buddha:

I say that being free of anxieties and troubles is possible for one who knows and sees … and what is it that one must know and see ? … One must know what is wise reflection and what is unwise reflection! (Sabbasava Sutta, M2).

The emphasis on wisdom, on clear comprehension and mindful reflection are what separates Buddhism from faith-bound religions, and accounts for Buddhism’s appeal in the modern rational age. One of Steve’s books, entitled ‘Wise Reflection’, outlines the importance of this aspect of meditation, and explains why it is a crucial factor in developing a meditation practice.

The talk will be at Baan Aree Library; a quiet air-conditioned Hall a couple of minutes walk from Ari BTS (Skytrain) station, as outlined in the maps below.

Event starts at 6:30pm promptly

Schedule will include Dhamma Talk and guided meditation, with a short Q&A, aiming to finish before 9pm.

There is no charge, and no advance booking necessary.

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  1. Terry says:

    i just checked with baan arree library for tomorrow itinerary , May 08 – they know nothing about the arrangement of your group.

    kindly verify and confirm by return if the dhamma talk will be held or put off to somewhere..??

    Thank you


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