[Summary: link to a goofy experiment at Grand Central Station in New York]

All social animals, especially humans, have expectations of how the work should be. While everything is going along the way we anticipate, most of the time, we are lost in thought about this and that. Travelling is a good opportunity to see people completely lost in thoughts and dreams, the very opposite of mindfulness. These expectations / anticipations were called ‘constructs’ by psychologist George Kelly, whose lessons on the matter mirror closely many of the insights that come through meditation.  When something disorientating happens, for a few moments the mind stops, becomes alert and aware. This is mindfulness, or in the Pali, Sati Sampajjanya. Clear present moment awareness.

Recently in New York’s Grand Central Station, a goofy exercise highlighted just how it feels for people when knocked outside their comfort zone of expectations, or as George Kelly put it in the 1950s, ‘caught with your constructs down‘. Here’s the link:





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