WBU Forum Sun 4th May

The World Buddhist University forum on May 4th will be lead by David Holmes.

Every first Sunday of the month the WBU has a forum on a selected topic by a well respected teacher. Topics vary from straightforward generalised Dhamma talks that are common, and thus there is a regular crowd of experienced followers of Buddhism.

In May, Little Bangkok Sangha’s key member David Holmes will be leading the talk, under the title of

All in a Tangle

The ‘Tangle’ refers to the situation successive generations find themselves in, and is a tangle of views, of greed, of confusion ….

What the tangle is and how to unravel it is the topic of David Holmes talk.

  • Start: 12 noon
  • Finish 1:30 pm
  • Coffee and cake afterwards

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David Holmes:

David, aka Anagarika Tevijjo,  is a long time meditator, scholar and supporter of Dhamma. Formerly he studied and worked in Sri Lanka with eminent Pali scholar Bhikkhu Bodhi, whose translations of the Buddhist Canon are considered the finest in the modern era. He taught at Culalongkorn University a range of subjects, concentrating mostly on American Literature. Following a motor accident, David retired and dedicated his whole time to the pursuit of meditation and dhamma studies.

He has a web site called Noble Path

and has edited the excellent Wheel series of Pali translations for some years, for free publication on the internet. He also gave a talk for Little Bangkok Sangha last year at Baan Aree.

David Holmes and Bhikkhuni Dhammananda


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2 Responses to WBU Forum Sun 4th May

  1. Suchith says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate.
    I find it valuable and was especially pleased to have the opportunity to talk to Anagarika Tevijjo.


    A Sri Lankan living in Thailand

  2. Cittasamvaro says:

    Glad to see you there – sorry we did not have chance to talk. I will pass on your comment to Anagarika Tevijjo.

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