June Weekend Retreat

June Weekend Meditation Retreat


Here it is, finally confirmed. We have set the dates for our first Little Bangkok Weekend Meditation Retreat for June 13, 14 and 15.

Everything is set. We can accomodate a couple more people if there is a last minute booking. There will be 18 of us, all regulars. Details are announced : including meeting time and place.

The retreat will be easy going, and not a boot-camp style retreat. So it should be suitable for everyone. We have been offered a generous deal with the top class Comsaed Resort situated right on the River Kwai, and the whole weekend should cost 1800 baht each.

Meditation Style:

The meditation method will be Samatha-Vipassana – which means concentration and insight meditation combined. Experienced meditators are free to continue with their own favoured meditation style, and newcomers to meditation will be given clear instructions and advice. There will be ample opportunity to discuss your experiences one to one and within the group.



The beautiful Comsaed Resort, right on the banks of the River Kwai. Aside from being a quality resort, and a favourite corporate retreat and conference centre, Comsaed also maintains a genuine eco-friendly policy. We will take a look at its numerous methane gas generators, which range from a 2000 baht ‘off the shelf’ example DIY version for small homes, to giant twin tank systems for hotels. They have a water wheel, small bio-diesel production for running their mini-bus, and produce their own environmentally friendly pesticides (non-lethal), compost, soap, perfume and other products.


Feeding Schedule:

 Friday 13 June   10:30 lunch at Wat Songdhamma Kalyani (Bhuikkhuni Dhammananda’s temple)2:15  arrive Comsaed Resort5:30  soup and bread, tea, coffee
  Saturday 14 June   7 am Bread, toast, Kow Thom, tea, coffee, fruit11 am  Hot and Cold Buffet5:30 soup and bread, tea, coffee (for those who do not choose the more rigorous monastic feeding schedule)
  Sunday 15 June  7 am Bread, toast, hot noodles, tea, coffee, fruit11:30 Hot and Cold Buffet1 pm vacate rooms4 pm leave Comsaed Resort.


Friday June 13th – Leave Bangkok by mini-bus 8:30 am. Lunch at Bhikkhuni Dhammananda’s temple (to be confirmed) . Early afternoon – arrive, settle in and meet at 6 pm for meditation and dhamma talk 

Saturday 14th  – sitting and walking in the morning before dawn, and between breakfast and lunch. Lunch at 11.  Early afternoon free time for absorbing the beautiful atmosphere of the resort, swimming, walking, sauna or other activities (or naps for the ‘senior’ retreatants 🙂 )

Late afternoon sitting and walking, and evening dhamma talk. Noble silence after the Dhamma talk until the following morning.

Sunday 15th  – 6am sitting and walking, breakfast, 4pm Leave Comsaed.

Return by air-con coach late Sunday afternoon.

Booking your Place

All up, with transport, food and accomodation, the cost should work out to 1800 baht per person. Your place is only booked after payment in full, or a 500 baht deposit, since we have limited spaces on the mini bus (maximum 12, or 22 if there are enough people to hire a second mini-bus). Please do decide and book in advance, to make it easier to book the transport and accomodation. You can email enquiries via our Contact page, or in the comments box below. To deposit call Dr Will on 089 928 3603 . We should also be at the World Buddhist University on Sunday 1st of June if you want to confirm details and deposit.

Some aspects have yet to worked out, so there might be some minor changes to the schedule or other details. Changes / additions will be posted up here.

More details to be worked out and announced soon.


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11 Responses to June Weekend Retreat

  1. Terry says:

    so interesting the programe, pls keep me posted the update soonest available

    Thank you

  2. Terry says:

    Dear Sir,

    so far how many have made confirmation..? I with my family 5 altogether 2 juniors and 3 adults , are so keen in this group activity

    Thank in advance for your update

    Best Rgds

  3. Will says:

    Your humble scribe is waiting to receive reservations. Come on, folks! Don’t be late! Don’t be the last person on the bus!

  4. Terry says:

    Dear Will

    Thank you for your reply, are you Dr. Will ,if so please adv me your bank account, then i can make some deposit for booking reservations. Since I could not get in touch with you by phone

    look forward to hearing from you soonest

    Best Rgds

  5. Will says:

    Just saw your message, Terry. Sorry for the delay. My phone is 0899283603 and my email is wyaryan@yahoo.com. I hope you can join us.

  6. Terry says:

    Dear Will

    I missed to see you y’day at the WBU, anyway i met Veneral Bandit there and made deposit to Mr. Tom instead.

    I confirmed 4 seat bookings , me and my family altogether
    Base on the above itinerary schedule , we will be heading to drop by at Dhammananda’s temple – to have lunch overthere , is it confirmed ? then I should prepare some stuff – dry vegan and etc to donate . As I read some about , they are strict vegetarians, pls do comment

    Seeing you on June 13

    Best Rgds

  7. Cittasamvaro says:

    We will go to Bhikkhuni Dhammananda’s for lunch, but she has not confirmed if she will be there in person. Even if she is not there we can still have lunch and offer some Sanghatahns. No need to prepare anything in advance.
    As a note, I asked the Resort to concentrate on mostly vegetarian food fur us.

  8. terryh08x says:

    Dear Veneral

    thank for your reply and comment noted – then to my understanding , will the Sanghatahn offer be prepared by the group.??

    is it appropiate for me to bring some eng dhamma books to share to the folks to read while boarding in the bus ( mostly Ajahn Chah ‘s ones ) your comment is appreciated

  9. Cittasamvaro says:

    I will arrange some yellow sanghatahn buckets and offerings for the temple. Bhikkhuni Dhammananda has not told me if she will be there personally. She is very busy these days, but anyway, there are always a number of nuns there to take over.
    Books are always useful, but reading on the weekend itself is discouraged in favour of meditation.

  10. James says:

    Hi, just wondering where should we meet up on Friday 13th at 8.30 am?



  11. Cittasamvaro says:

    I put up details of where and when to meet in a new blog:

    For the retreat itself, all details are flexible. It is something of an experiment as our first Little Bangkok Sangha retreat.

    Saying that, we should be able to get some good concentrated focus on our own minds over the weekend.

    Bhikkhuni Dhammananda has confirmed she will be there to personally greet us when we go to ‘Tam Boon’ en route.

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