June Retreat Meet

We will meet for the June retreat at Wat Yannawa at 8am, and head off in two mini busses just after 8. Call 085 060 7386 if you are lost.

We aim to take lunch at Wat SongDhamma Kalayani around 11 am, where Bhikkhuni Dhammananda will meet us personally. We will also make some ‘Tam Boon’ offerings for the temple.

For the return trip the air-con bus leaves from Kanchanaburi bus terminal every 15-20 minutes, and we were advised not to buy tickets in advance. Therefore, anyone who has to leave earlier than 4 pm can do so, though you will miss the tour of Comsaed if you do. Their projects are well worth looking at.  We can pay a fee to the Comsaed minibus or order a taxt for the short journey to the bus station.

Go to the end of the skytrain line, Satorn line. Get out at Satorn station – Wat Yannawa is on the left as you look towards the river. The vans will wait in the car park as you walk into the temple. Click the map for a larger version.

Wat Yannawa map

Detailed Schedule


2:30 (ish) Arrive and settle in at Comsaed
4:30 Meet for meditation
6:30 Drinks; soup for those who need it
8:00 Dhamma Talk (meditation focussed)Meditation
10:00 Retire or sit/walk further if desired



5:00am Meditate through dawn (auspicious)
7:00 Breakfast
8:30-10:00 Morning meditation, and instructions
11:00 Offer food to monks.  Lunch
4:00 Movie (depending on facilities)Louise Hay documentary. Discussion / Q&A / Meditation
6:30 Evening Drinks / soup …
8:00 Dhamma Talk and Meditation
10:00 Retire or sit/walk further



5:00 Meditate through dawn
7:00 Breakfast
8:00-9:30 Morning meditation
11:00 Vacate rooms – lunch
1:00 Final group meditation
2:30 Brief tour of Comsaed environmental projects (methane gas, charcoal, soap & perfume, non-lethal pesticide production etc…
4:00 Head to Kanchanaburi Bus station for air-con bus to Southern Bus Terminal, Bangkok



Exact timing is flexible according to the group dynamic and wishes. The schedule outlined is not too hectic, and there should be plenty of time for rest and for enjoying the beautiful site. We will rise early as dawn is a particularly auspicious time to be meditating, but there should be plenty of time for rest.

According to our latest information most of the Comsaed site is booked out to a private party. Our group will be off from the main resort, and we will have our own Dhamma garden and meeting room. Being offered the resources of Comsaed at such a massively reduced rate (below cost) means we will be using whatever rooms and facilities that are available in terms of rooms, rather than being normal hotel residents. Much thanks to Comsaed Resort for their efforts to accomodate our group over a busy weekend at reduced rates.

There will be ample chance for one-on-one meditation guidence with Phra Cittasamvaro or with Ajahn David Holmes (Anagarika Tevijjo). People are free to follow the meditation style they are accostomed to. The focus of the retreat will be dealing with thoughts and thinking in meditation, and the insights that stem from that. This is one of the most useful appraoches to meditation in terms of application in daily life. We will concentrate on meditation itself rather than general dhamma talks, and hopefully everyone will be able to take back home some good experience and insight from the weekend.

Naturally, all participants will be following 5 precepts as a minimum. That is:

  • to refrain from killing animals or otherwise harmful behaviour
  • to refrain from stealing or taking what is not offered
  • to refrain from all sexual conduct
  • to pracitse Right Speech that is harmonious and supportive for each other
  • To refrain from alcohol and drugs (coffee definitely IS allowed 🙂 )




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