Sayadaw U Jotika in Bangkok

Thursday 31st of July

Dhamma Talk in English, with Thai translation

with Sayadaw U Jotika

Bodhgaya Hall – close to Chit Lom BTS Station

6:30 pm start (no set finish time)

This is Sayadaw’s first talk in Thailand. He is a hugely respected master from Burma, whose Dhamma is lyrical, simple and precise. There are several books of his teachings, notably the superb Map of the Journey and the book Snow in the Summer which is available online. This is a very special opportunity to meet with one of the great meditation masters of our era, and all of you are encouraged to attend if possible.

The meetings at Bodhgaya Hall (where we have held events before with Canadian monk U Vamsa) are well attended so best to get there as early as you can. Sayadaw U Jotika is already over 60 but has the charm and charisma that make him seem much younger. Bio is as outlined below.


(A blog on one of Sayadaw’s topics during the talk it here:  )

Click here for  Maps and directions to Bodhgaya Hall


Sayadaw U Jotika: Born into a non-Buddhist family in Moulmein, Myanmar (Burma) on August 5, 1947. His parents were U Sattar and Daw Tin. He received his basic education at a Roman Catholic missionary school. During his younger days, he didn’t believe in any organized religion although he studied and exposed himself to many different religions, as well as western philosophy and psychology.

He graduated as an Electrical Engineer in 1973 from Rangoon Institute of Technology. He became very interested in Buddhist meditation. He discovered that life was unsatisfactory and majority of the people devoted their precious time mainly in gathering wealth, enjoying sensual pleasures, fame, power and position.

Thus, he decided to leave behind his family and became a “Samenera” (Novice) at the age of 26. He was ordained as a “Samgha” in 1974 at Taung Pu Lu Tawya, Meiktila with Ven. Taung Pu Lu Sayadaw as his preceptor. He practiced meditation under the guidance of the late Ven. Taung Pu Lu Sayadaw for (3) years. He continued to practice meditation with Htantabin Tawya Sayadaw for (15) years.

Ven. Jotika visited Melbourne in 1977 and again in 1998. He was in the United States in 1983-84 for about (16) months, conducting Dhamma talks in Santa Cruz, New York, Boston and Washington. He had visited Singapore several times on Dhamma Duta missions as well.

He has established a monastery in a rural environment overlooking a great lake near Pago, (50) miles north of Yangon. His Dhamma talks and books are in great demand in Myanmar as well as with overseas Burmese. He has published about (13) titles so far. One of his popular Dhamma book in English is “Snow in the Summer”

He visited the United States and Canada after visiting London, Liverpool and Birmingham.


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8 Responses to Sayadaw U Jotika in Bangkok

  1. อภิวรรณ สายประดิษฐ์ says:

    I will attend ka.
    thanks you for the news.


  2. Suchith says:

    Look forward to attending.


  3. Cittasamvaro says:

    me too. See you there.

  4. tony macgregor says:

    I will attend pandit – Tony

  5. Nandiya says:

    dear sir,

    I am afraid that I don’t think it is the first talk of Sayardaw in Thailand. Because last year, he came to Bkk and gave a dhamma talk at ABAC university. You can check it at

    Btw, did you get any record of photos or videos for 31st Jul talk. If you have, please share us.

    with metta,

  6. Cittasamvaro says:

    Interesting – It was Sayadaw himself who told me this was his first talk here. Maybe the ABAC campus is thought of as outside Bangkok???

    Anyway, next time he comes, if I find out soon enough, we will arrange an English only talk with him somewhere. Maybe we could write down some questions that his books raise (I have a few of my own) and let him choose which ones to answer.

    Sorry, I did not take any pictures. But I noticed that the Sound lab of Bodhgaya Hall filmed the whole evening, and they would likely make this available to you if you go along and ask.

  7. Joe says:

    Do you know when Sayadaw U Jotika will be visiting Bangkok again? Or where he resides now?

    Thank you.

  8. Cittasamvaro says:

    I don’t know when he will be back in Bangkok. He told me that he will spend more time in Thailand in large part to find quiet places for his own practise – so he won’t be in the public eye. Be assured when he comes to Bangkok we will arrange something – he prefers it if the participants write down questions of matters they are dealing with, rather than formal Dhamma Talks.

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