Living Dhamma

Living Dhamma


Well, here it is! Once a year we make the special effort to meet up weekly for Dhamma and Meditation in English. The intention is to kickstart flagging meditation practises, and recommit to the Spiritual side that so easily gets lost in the daily grind.

Free of Charge – no advance registration required, just turn up.

(Click here for the list of topics)

Every Thursday evening we will meet up in the air-conditioned hall at Wat Yannawa, which is 3 minutes walk from the Skytrain line, for Dhamma Talk and group meditation. The theme of the series is ‘Living Dhamma’ which means adjusting ones lifestyle to live more peacefully and more at ease. After all, most of us know Dhamma fairly well, but really living it is another matter. It can be hard to maintain simplicity, peace of mind and a meditation practise while trying to get by in our City of Angels (that’s Bangkok to the rest of the world!).

More than that though, it will hopefully be a chance to meet some people and gian the support of ‘Friends in the Dhamma’ – the Kalyanamitta that is our encouragement. Last year many firm bonds and friendships were formed to the benefit of all. So do make the special effort for these 8 weeks, for yourself, and for the encouragement of others.

  • Login (or registration if you don’t use computer speak) starts 6:30pm
  • After any brief announcements and notices, there will be a Dhamma Talk of 30 – 40 minutes.
  • Silent Meditation follows at 7:30 for 35 minutes.
  • Afterwards will be 10 – 15 minutes for comments or questions.
  • After closing there will still be time for further chat for those who don’t need to rush home.

Click here for a list of talk topics.

Wat Yannawa is on the Silom Skytrain line as shown in the map below (click it if you want a larger version)

By Boat you can go to Saphan Taksin peir – all the boats (all colour flags) will stop there. Walk along the road under the skytrain station, and turn right on Charoen Krung Road. There is lots of parking if you come by car (see below)

When you enter the temple we will be in one of the second floor rooms in the huge building on the right. There is a lift from the ground floor if you need it.

If you are coming by car or taxi, head towards Saphan Taksin Bridge and turn onto Charoen Krung Road – most taxi drivers know where Wat Yannawa is. From the Thonburi side you are best taking the Krungthep bridge further south of Taksin bridge. You then turn left and head along parallel to the river on Charoen Krung Thep Road. You can come over Taksin Bridge (also known as Sathorn), and do a U-turn at the first opportunity, but it is a few extra kilometers through the traffic lights. There is plenty of parking in Wat Yannawa.

Comments and questions can go below. List of the topic for each week are posted separately.


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3 Responses to Living Dhamma

  1. Emilie Ketudat says:

    Dear Phra Cittasamvaro

    Thank you for the invitation and for the coming series of talks. I would dearly like to come and will try my best to get to Wat Yannawa this week. However, I have a small mediation group that has been meeting at my home for many years on Thursday at 17:00 hours and the distance between there at Yannawa seems to be a big stumbling block – since ihave not yet learned to fly! We shall see what i can do about the Thursday.

    Sorry for the delayed resonse but the electricity went out twice while responding to your email a few days ago and I was temted not to reply at all.

    peace, compassion,

  2. I just stumbled across your website, I am visiting Bangkok for next few days till the 6th Sept. I was looking for a place to come and meditate. I would love to come. Will try come today otherwise will come next Thursday. Thanks for this work, its a place to come and rest and be peaceful.

    thanks to all of you that make this happen and to all you who are listening.

    With love

  3. Cittasamvaro says:

    I do not live at Wat Yannawa, and I am not sure they have much to offer non-Thai speakers other than the tourist attractions.
    Try Section 5 – it is open every day :

    And might see you Thursday. Have a nice trip.

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