Buddhism and the Caste System

Thursday 18th September

Talk at the Siam Society with David Holmes

‘Buddhism and the Caste System’

(200 baht fee for non-members of the Siam Society)

based on a report published by
UNESCO in Paris, in 1958, written by two of the
topmost Pali scholars of that day, Professor H.N.
Jayatilleke and Professor G. P. Malalasekera, citing
textual references in the Pali Canon in which the
Buddha commented on the equality of all men in society
and their capability to strive for salvation
regardless of race or caste. The talk will begin at
the Siam Society in Asoke Road at 7PM and end at 8PM.

This is all the information that has been given. The Siam Society web site has been out of action for weeks, and now it is back up, there is no information on this event. Many of you will be familiar with David Holmes (Anagarika Tevijjo) who has given talks at Baan Aree, the WFB and World Buddhist University.

David pictured left in white, aka Anagarika Tevijjo,  is a long time meditator, scholar and supporter of Dhamma. Formerly he studied and worked in Sri Lanka with eminent Pali scholar Bhikkhu Bodhi, whose translations of the Buddhist Canon are considered the finest in the modern era. He taught at Culalongkorn University a range of subjects, concentrating mostly on American Literature. Following a motor accident, David retired and dedicated his whole time to the pursuit of meditation and dhamma studies.

He has a web site called Noble Path

and has edited the excellent Wheel series of Pali translations for some years, for free publication on the internet. He also gave a talk for Little Bangkok Sangha last year at Baan Aree, and at the World Buddhist University several months ago.


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