Lunch and Tolle

Saturday 20th September

Lunch at the Tai Pan Hotel 12 – 1pm

Eckhart Tolle video’s and opinions 1:15 – 4:30 (ish)

Eckhart has finally achieved guru staus now that he has appeared on Oprah. Is he the real thing? Is his message the same as Buddhism or has he discovered something different? Is he enlightened, partly enlightened, Satori (Zen), or what ? All opinions welcome. If you don’t know about Eckhart Tolle this is a nice and informal chance to find out. If you have looked at the books and videos, here is where to share your take on this interesting character.

Lunch at the Tai Pan is 170 baht per person. We have been a number of times and it is always an excellent buffet lunch with a large choice; you can even order custom pizzas. Deserts, coffee, ice creams etc. are all included.

After lunch we move up to the function room on level 5 and persuse several short videos of Eckhart T. with an open mic for views and impressions. Room hire is 2500 baht for the afternoon, which we can split amongst us. We have not found anywhere more reasonable in price, but are always looking – so if any of you know a restaurant or hotel we can use for lunch/film, then do suggest it.

If you are not free through the afternoon, you are welcome to join just for lunch, or later for the videos. We always have a good atmosphere at out informal gatherings, so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone – the idea is to get to know the other faces you will have seen.

If you think you will be there for lunch please send a not by the contact page or by the comments box below. It’s not a definite reservation so if you end up not making it along don’t worry, but if you are thinking of coming please send a note/comment so that we know how many tables to reserve.

Map to Tai Pan Hotel - Sukhumvit 23


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10 Responses to Lunch and Tolle

  1. tanyakamon says:

    I will be there for lunch and video.

  2. Addy says:

    Another one for lunch & video

  3. Cittasamvaro says:

    I’ll be there too 🙂

  4. Jan Favre says:

    I will attend the lunch at September the 20th as well as the movie session.


  5. Diane says:

    I am hoping to attend with 3 friends.

  6. Cittasamvaro says:

    great. People are so bad at leaving notes .. but I guess there will be 20-30 of us. Will be fun.

  7. peter mcgill says:

    please book lunch and video for 4
    Peter M

  8. Sumalee Viravaidya says:

    I plan to come for lunch, but can’t promise yet.

  9. phramick says:

    I fasted for 2 weeks… this lunch will fill me up!

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