Photos from Tolle event

A few photos from the Eckhart Tolle afternoon at the Tai Pan Hotel 2008.

Buffet lunch for 170 baht per person in pleasant surroundings. We reserved 8 tables.


Oprah is the Guru-maker extraordinaire – she ran a 10 part series on the usually laconic Tolle.

Next time perhaps we can arrange the chairs to aid seeing who has the mic.

Long time meditator Tony, who studies at the monk’s university in Bangkok.

Tolle provides a smorgasboard of ideas – we looked at some relating to the ego, which in his teaching is the sense of an independent and seperate self, with all its problems.

Wide range of people….

Tanya, yoga teacher on Describing her search for a ‘self’.

Grainy picture of Holly doing her best Marjoe impression.

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