Some words from Ajahn Sahaphan

Next month on Sunday October 12th, Mae Chee Brigitte will again be hosting Tahn Maha Sahaphan at her centre just outside Bangkok by the Southern Bus Terminal. Several of us attended last month, and Frank studiously noted the teachings from this respected Thai monk. Below is a snippet from last month. It also relates to the topic on Thursday 2nd October at Wat Yannawa – disenchantment.


When emotions disappear


What emotions do you want? Do you want to laugh? Do you want to cry? Sometimes people do not understand how the mind works. When the senses contact an object then emotions arise. When the mind is kept neutral and balanced, then the contact does not lead to feelings and emotions. So the training is to keep the mind neutral. If there are no emotions playing, then there is nothing burning you, and that is peace… too often people attach importance to things … to food, to a partner, to honour or fame. And then you have to make a big effort to attain those things, not to mention the money they cost you. But a meditator is easily satisfied. They know that the more you want – that is a fire in the heart, and it is suffering. Try to extinguish that fire in the heart.

In this sense you should see dukkha as meaning unsatisfactory because of instability. Maintain the perception that all things are changing and are ultimately beyond control, that you cannot change the changing. The result is letting go and accepting the way things are. Outside everything is changing, and inside the fire is burning. Then you find you do not want much, you don’t expect much, and the fire of wanting has been put out. This has to happen at the root level – where the feelings arise. So people want calmness and peace, but you have to put out the fire that is not peaceful first. Seeing the cause and effect cycle – this is getting to the root level inside.



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