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Notice on the upcoming silent meditation retreat in Nakhon Pathom, just outside Bangkok:

November 1 to 9 there is a silent meditation retreat just outside Bangkok taught by Jeff Oliver. He was a long time ordained student of U Janaka the hugely respected Burmese monk who was a direct disciple of Mahasi Sayadaw. Jeff disrobed to go and teach in Turkey, where robes are not so well received, but where there is nonetheless a great deal of interest in meditation. He now spends most of his time there, travelling beck to Thailand and Burma once a year or so for a short period. Several of our regular faces have taken retreats and workshops with Jeff and he has gained a reputation for guiding meditation in a clear and accessible manner.

This retreat is held in the Dhammodaya Retreat Centre, just outside Bangkok, where various Burmese and western teachers in the U Janaka lineage are invited. With Jeff, the retreat is conducted in English, with Thai translation available if needed. The U Janaka lineage focuses a lot on Metta (loving kindness) meditation.

 While you are in the area you can also pay a visit to Thailand’s only temple for nuns Wat SongDhamma Kalyani which is located 10 minutes from the Dhammodaya Centre.

Be sure to phone and check details – this event is not organised by Little Bangkok Sangha, and so changes to the schedule or details may occur without us being notified, though generally the Dhammodaya retreats go ahead without hitch. You are advised to book early since all the Dhammodaya retreats get fully booked well in advance.

November 1 – 9, 2008
Vipassana – mindfulness and Insight Development
With Metta – Loving-kindness Meditation

General Information

  • *Open for anyone to come and learn mindfulness, not only for Buddhists. Beginners welcome.
  • *Simple accommodation and healthy vegetarian meals supplied.
  • *Noble Silence, no talking with each other, only with the teacher. No telephones at all.
  • *No reading, except the information provided.
  • * No writing, except to take notes of talks or new experiences.
  • * Eight precepts – including no food from noon to dawn, no entertainments, no luxuries.
  • * Casual, plain clothes dark color pants / sarong and white shirts recommended. No fashion clothes, nothing tight or revealing. Slip-on shoes (slippers), flashlight, umbrella.
  • * Usual toiletries and any necessary medicines.
  • * Instructions and teacher discussions in English with Thai translation.
  • * Retreat starts on Saturday morning at 9:00 and ends on the following Sunday at 12:00.
  • * Advanced students may join the retreat part time, anytime. Beginners start on the first day.
  • * The meditation technique is freestyle – Mahasi Sayadaw from Myanmar (Burma). 


Click for details and maps for the DHAMMODAYA VIPASSANA MEDITATION CENTRE

Teacher: Mr. Jeff Oliver (Australian) Former Buddhist monk with over 15 years experience.

Cost: Free (Donations welcome)
For more information or booking please contact:

Khun Nay – mobile: 081- 8109632
Or to contact either the teacher or organiser by email please use the comments box below, or use our CONTACTpage (the contact page avoids publishing the recipients email address, since spam bots trawl the Internet for working addresses. Mails will be directly forwarded).





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  1. Nancy Ruth Morgan says:

    I would like to register for the retreat, November 1-9th. I live in Bangkok and will be driving down. I can be reached at the above email address or my cell phone: 086067-4897

    Kind regards,
    Nancy Morgan

  2. Beng says:


    Would you happen to have a retreat in December?

    I have already been to Wat Kow Tahm, but am looking to find a practice located neared to BKK.


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