Summary of our funds:

Each week through the recent Dhamma Talks at Wat Yannawa we collected donations, and these were kept by Dr Holly (or Deputy). By way of transparency we can announce our collections/expenses. We don’t really needs large funds for anything – we are not building large stupas or stocking libraries … this is a fund for us as a group to have available so we can invite different people to give talks or workshops as available. All the people within our own group do everything for free, but when inviting others we do have to pay out for transport costs etc..

Going in to the Yannawa Talks we had around 14 000 baht left over from last year, which had been earmarked for printing costs. Happily the printing was donated for free in the end. Speakers/mic/amp cost about 5000 baht, and other laminating, PR costs etc. cost 3 or 4 thousand more.

Now we have just over 35 000 baht in the tin (soon to be up graded to a shoebox). In general, during the Rains talks we accumulate, and during the rest of the year we spend, as we invite other people. So far we have been lucky in that we have not been charged for the use of the different Halls that we have used about town. Only the Tai Pan Hotel charges us, and the rates are very reasonable for a Sukhumvit hotel. Each time we have been to the Tai Pan we collected enough donations on the day to cover the cost, so it has not been a drain on general funds. It is nice to be able to do all we do without really needing to worry about funds coming in or going out, and to keep doing things for free.

There are a few things in the pipeline for the near future – several interesting teachers and meditation instructors passing through. But nothing cemented yet. Announcements will go up as appropriate. Probably the next thing will be in the second week of November, with visiting meditation teacher from the U Janaka lineage, and former Bhikkhu Jeff Oliver. It all depends on finding suitable venues for the right day. In Mid November we will hopefully do the Life of Brian.


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