Dhammakaya Method Retreat

Dhammakaya is a high concentration method of meditation which some people can become very skilled at. It involves using a light kasina to develop high concentration to purify and brighten the mind, preparing it for vipassana insight. The Buddha often taught that concentration should be developed, and then used for vipassana insight.

Wat Luang Phor Sodh is a temple that specializes in this method of meditation, and is located in Rajaburi province.

Note that this temple is not affiliated in any way with Wat Dhammakaya.

The abbot speaks fluent English, and an American Bhikkhu leads the international section. Each year in December there is a 2 week retreat, and participants stay out under the trees in the beautiful parklands and lakes around the temple, under mosquito umbrella tents. The weather is very cool at this time of the year. (If you cannot stay outside you can ask to stay in one of the buildings).

Their recent notice is as follows:

This is to let you know about our semi-annual Meditation Retreats coming up December 1-14. There are simultaneous retreats in English, Thai, and, if registration permits, Mandarin Chinese. Please consider coming yourself, and please let all your friends know about it. We have had outstanding results. I have attached everything anyone might like to know about our Wat Luang Phor Sodh Buddhist Meditation Institute, which is an Associated Institution of the World Buddhist University. For more information, see our websites at www.meditationpark.org and en.dhammakaya.org. Meditators can register online at en.dhammakaya.org. In addition to retreats, we offer “Guided Meditation” in English all year round. Come any time, and stay as long as you like.

BMI’s semi-annual Meditation Retreats are held May 1-14 and December 1-14, coinciding with the Wat’s Thai retreats. Retreats are intensive and involve more participants. There are usually 15 to 50 international meditators and several hundred Thai laity and monks in attendance. A major advantage of retreats for advanced meditators is more access to the venerable Meditation Master, who is always in great demand. He teaches large groups in Thai and English simultaneously, paying individual attention to all meditators. For Buddhists, there is also more chance to study Buddhist practices, Vinaya, Dhamma and Chanting during the retreats. The large number of participants necessarily implies less silence. Retreats are always conducted in English, and special group arrangements can be made in advance for teaching in Mandarin Chinese

Contact at the above websites for further information


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