Lama Yeshe Nyingpo

Ram – our resident Tibetan Buddhism follower, has sent out the following message. As time is too short to make proper announcments, biographies, maps etc, the message is given below as received:


I would like to inform you that Lama Yeshe Nyingpo (a former monk and Vajra master from France) will be making an informal visit to Bangkok from next week on so I am organizing a small get together so we all can get to know him.

Venue: Ram’s place

Date:      Wednesday 8th December

Time:     starting at 4pm and will probably end at around 9-10pm, so feel free to drop by anytime

Also please forward this to those who might be interested as well. It’ll be helpful if you could inform me before hand so we can prepare enough snacks/food for everyone.

My place is on Naret rd. (a one way street), off of Sriphraya road. If you are coming by Sub-way (easiest) you can take the Samyan station exit in front of the temple then catch a Taxi or take a Motorbike Taxi (20 Baht) from there by telling them to go to Bangrak Police station you can just tell the taxi to come to the Bangrak police station if you are coming directly from elsewhere. Once at the station, my building is an old white building just before the station, come on the 12th floor on the right side and you’ll see a big door and I’ll be in there. If you see a lot of Africans in the building it means that you are in the right building.

Please feel free to call me 081-9855564 or email me if you have any questions : -) and feel free to invite others who might be interested as well.


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10 Responses to Lama Yeshe Nyingpo

  1. Gerd says:

    Dear Dharma Friends,

    Yeshe Nyingpo is not Lama any longer and wasn´t ever vajra master. The comitee which became responsible for the Lama titles after the death of Lama Gendün Rinpoche deprived him this title. Shamar Rinpoche said “Yeshe shall not teach any more…” This because he did a couple of major errors in his former community and towards his diciples, which I would not like to precise now. If he would be clear about his mistakes and just teach meditation – there wouldn´t be anything wrong… I wish this will happen, from all my heart!

    Best wishes

    Gerd, former disciple of Yeshe

  2. Cittasamvaro says:

    I am not well informed on Tibetan Buddhism affairs – so many secrets, so many ’empowerments’ etc..

  3. Michael says:

    We would like to warn you and ask to be careful with this “Lama Yeshe Nyingpo”.
    Normally he has no rights to be called Lama anymore. Of course we don’t know the subject of his visit at your place. And we wish everything happens for you in the best way !
    exdiciples of Yeshe
    Michael and Ira

  4. eric says:

    As Gerd,Michael & Ira, it seems necessary to warn you against Jean-Louis Blanchet alias Yeshe Nyingpo. Under his charismatic appearance, this man was extremely unhealthy behaviors during many years in the Buddhist center in France where he passed himself off as a monk and Vajra master and whence he was expelled. I allowed myself to also post you this message because I find really unfortunate that there are other victims due to his manipulative side. Best regards.
    Eric, a former Yeshe’s student

  5. Cittasamvaro says:

    Thanks for the comments. Usually I check things out before posting, but this event was short notice.

  6. Gerd says:

    Thanks Cittamvaro! But who still invites Yeshe? He caused so much damage, so many people to suffer. And he promised to never use the title Lama again, nor to give spiritual teachings…
    Best regards

  7. Victoria says:

    I have very bad experience because of another ex –lama. And I went to this meeting with Lama Yoshe. May I ask you some questions? Can I contact some of you by e-mail?

  8. Tibetan says:

    Pour garder tout son sens critique et sa liberté de penser, veuillez consulter les pages concernant le Bouddhisme tibétain sain et reconnu.
    Pour plus d’ionfos contactez nous.
    For more informations please contact us we will relay to former students of now self claimed Lama Yeshe and his former “le Bost” Community.
    infomanip at

  9. zombie heruka says:

    WARNING: after having been entrusted as a retreat master by late Gendun Rinpoche, Jean Louis Blanchet, ex-lama Yeshe Nyingpo, has been expelled from Kundrol Ling monastery after he admited repeated sexual abuse on female students. He has lost his credentials from the Karma Kagyu hierarchy and has been forbidden to teach as a lama under the Karma Kagyu banner.
    Thus, he is a brilliant conman who knows how to impress his audience with buddhist knowledge in order to gain financial advantage and sexual favors from naive and often psychologicaly fragile female spiritual seekers. He is highly dangerous and very clever in the art of skipping questions and cover his true perverted nature behind a smart and peaceful mask.
    I was one of his several humble students and I am still taking the buddhist teachings close to heart. That’s why I want to warn any serious buddhist follower to stay away from this confused and neurotic guru who seeks only his personal sake regardless to the suffering he spreads around him. Jean Louis Blanchet is a disgrace and an insult to the Buddhadharma and should be known as such.
    There are evidences to all these claims. The buddhist center he was kicked out is Dhagpo Kaguy Ling in France. Check on your own.
    PS: the topic of his present conference is an act of shameless scorn and sneer to all his victims.

    Zombie Heruka

  10. Transparency SVP says:

    For your information here is a link to the official statement given in 2008 by the Dhagpo lama council:

    Best regards.

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