Renewed activities

This month we are renewing our Dhamma Activities in Bangkok. But you are receiving this via the old website, which will be discontinued this year.

Please head over to the permanent website at

Sign up for updates there – the email notices from this site will be discontinued soon.

Sunday 22nd July we have a Dhamma Talk with a senior monk from Wat Pah Nanachat – see for details.


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4 Responses to Renewed activities

  1. Glen Zorn says:

    Hi! Looks like email notices have yet to be enabled on the new site…

  2. jennifer gampell says:

    Ditto. I just signed up but it says email notices aren’t enabled.

  3. Pandit says:

    I’ve got no idea how feedburner works. Intuitive it is not. I will take another look at it though.

  4. Cittasamvaro says:

    Can you try it again – email subscriptions were enabled in the feedburner account, and we have 40 subscribers. But 4 people have said they get the error message you report.
    I tried a different Widget on littlebang – can you try it again?

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