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Little Bang, Bangkok Meditation Guide is to serve as a compass for meditators in Bangkok – of which there are quite a few. There has not been a lot organised in Bangkok in terms of Meditation Events in recent years, so we hopefully we can form a focus point for setting up new things. If you are organising events, send the info via the form below and we will blog it up for you.

Some of the events blogged up are organised by ourselves – the Little Bangkok Sangha, some events are collaborative efforts, and some are organised by other groups (so don’t hold us responsible!). Usually on any announcement it will say who the organising group is.

To keep up to date

 – by far the best way is to SUBSCRIBE to the blog via WORDPRESS – this is all automated and you can choose daily or weekly email updates. You can also UNSUBSCRIBE at any time by choosing the option in the same area of the blog : see the image below – something like this is at the lower right of every page on this blog.

That way you can add/remove your name as you like without involving human beings!

Occasional Email Notice

 5 or 6 times a year only we send out a notice of particularly special events. Send your email below if you want to be included only for very occasional notices of the big events. Since notices are few and far between please keep checking littlebang to keep up-to-date, or use the automated subscription via WORDPRESS.

Also use the form if you just want to say Hi, or have some question …. Alth0ugh note that all events are listed on the blog – so please don’t write asking what events are happening on x,y,z dates – it is all on the blog.

Meditation Lineage

Our Little Bangkok Sangha is not fixed on any particular meditation style, lineage or temple: Mahasi Sayadaw, Abhidhamma, , Vipassana, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Dhammadaro etc … Our common thread at LittleBang is not a teacher, but the English Language. If it is Dhamma in English, then it may be included. As for different lineages – we’ll provide information on events, and its up to you all to decide if you like/trust the lineage and teacher.

Little Bang

How did the name ‘ Little Bang ‘ come about?

Well, Samsara, say the scientists, began with a Big Bang. If you undertake meditation or study a little about Enlightenment, you begin the humble process of bringing Samsara to an end (for you and others). So maybe Samsara will end with this, little, Bang. That, and LittleBang is easy to google without too many hits to choose from. ‘ Bangkok Meditation Guide ‘ is what we are.

Other names were considered and argued over.

Some site names:

Silent Mind

Empty Stone

Sealed Knot (reference to Cromwell’s era)

Green Stick (Tolstoy reference)

Herding Cats (reference to controlling thoughts)

Bangkok Compass

Mind Compass

Some subtexts:

Bangkok Meditation Crowd

Bangkok Meditation Cafe

Bangkok Meditation Resource

Bangkok Meditation Reference

Bangkok Meditation Meet

Bangkok Meditation Focus

Bangkok Meditation Compass

Bangkok Meditator Almanac

Bangkok Meditator’s Gatherings

Bangkok Events Calendar for Meditation

Bangkok Insight Meditation Guide

Bangkok Guide for meditation

Bangkok Spiritual Practise Almanac

Bangkok guide for Meditation stuff

Meditation guide for Bangkok

International Meditators Group

Bangkok Meditation Group

The Meditation Group of Bangkok

International Meditation club / group (‘club’ is already taken)

Bangkok International Meditation Crowd/Group etc .. Bangkok Buddhism ..

for the sake of people googling with the wrong spellings : Bhuddhism in Bangkok, Bhuddism bangkok Thailand, Bhudda dharma Bangkok, Buddism information Thailand.

And yes, that was an utterly shameful attempt at stacking up meta data for the search engine bots to file away. 🙂