Galleries have been updated – so many NEW galleries because someone forgot to update …

If you are on facebook, join us there by searching for ‘little bangkok sangha’ – all photos are up there with comments ..

June/July 2011 – Steven Smith, Karma Lekshe, psychos … and more : 

March/April 2011 – photos so far Jeff @ Dance Studio, Steven Smith @ Ariyasom, A. Jayasaro trip and others … click here

Professional photos of Sayadaw U Jotika event at the BIA

February 2011 with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Ajahn Pannyavaro and others

January 2011 so many events … forget manic Mondays, ‘Manic Januarys’

Nov/Dec 2010 Ani Zambar, Picnic, A. Brahm …

A. Pasanno Talk, and our splendid BBQ at the Hideaway

Oct 2010 Ajahn Jayasaro in a huge event at the Tavana Hotel

 Dhamma Talk Series 2010 – LIFE: in the Frame of Mindfulness

August 2010 talk with Jeff, YBAT workshop, and Annapurna

Hideaway Weekend retreat July 2010

Ajahn Tiradhammo Talk, and MC Brigitte workshop March 2010

The ‘Two Abbots’ Dhamma Talk, Tavana Hotel 2010

The first Annual Picnic

Oct, Nov, Dec 2009 (one day workshop, Chula …)

Ajahn Jayasaro talk, and Korean Temple events

Planet Yoga Talks

August and Sept Events

Following are early photo albums :

Opening days of Little Bangkok Sangha, at Baan Aree Library, 2007

Talks by Bhikkhuni Dhammananda, David Holmes and Khun Danai 2007

Talks with Canadian Monk U Vamsa

Talk with Steve and Rosemary Weissman from Wat Kow Tahm

Weekend Retreat at the Comsaed Resort, River Kwai

Living Dhamma series of Talks, Wat Yannawa

Social gathering, focussing on Eckhat Tolle

One Day Workshop with Jeff Oliver


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