Keeping Going with Dhamma

October 2007, Baan Aree

Things kept going well, so we kept going

 with talks by David Holmes and Bhikkhuni Dhammananda

  David Holmes thinks we only keep his picture because Ven Dhammananda is in it too!    Coffee before the talk - Awaiting a suitable caption  Nui, Uli and other early comers


And going … with an open mic night lead by Dr Holly and Miki

  Co-organiser Dr Audwin, open mic night  There were tears, laughter, and plentiful cheesy moments  laughing Buddhas  Poisoned mic - some people were reluctant at first  Leading ladies, Miki and Dr Holly  Front row phobia, Open mic night.

And finishing the series with Khun Danai Chanchaochai, Author of Dharma Moments


the crowd at the talk

People and faces

questions for Khun Danai

Offering thanks


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